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Do Your Core Values Guide Your Company?

What's so important, anyway?

Do you ever wake up in the night panicking about making payroll? Do you ever fight with your wife about spending too much time at the office? When was the last time you went on vacation? Did you miss the last family reunion? Do you regularly miss out on your kids’ school plays and ballgames?

Let’s pretend that you are really deeply frustrated by all of this. Maybe you feel trapped, lousy, tired of being the buzz kill in your own life. Let’s also go with the fact that you too darn busy working in your business to see a way out.

Maybe you’re kind of disgusted with all of the so-called gurus telling you that you just have to prioritize better, or buy their $12,000 training program, or read another motivational book, or put inspirational meme posters up on your wall. Maybe there’s a better way.

What if I told you that there was a way to create the life you want without destroying your business or your sanity in the process?

Just imagine – you wake up in the morning, after sleeping beautifully all night long; you’re looking forward to another satisfying day of productive work. Already, I can see you rolling your eyes, going, “Pssht… that never happens”.

But what if it did? Would you get bored? Are you the kind of person who generates drama just to keep busy? (That’s fine, you can stop reading now. You are not my customer.) Or are you the kind of person who hates busywork, but doesn’t know how to get out of it? In that case, keep reading!

Maybe you don't want to read this much text! If that's true,  just scroll to the bottom and hit the "Get It Now" button. On the other hand, maybe you want just a bit more detail on how all this works. It's an INTERACTIVE program. When you hire a personal trainer, he's not going to do the push-ups for you, right? Right. 

Let me tell you a story. one of my first customers, let’s call him Steve, because that’s his name, had an interesting dilemma. He was part of the family business, and needed to continue as a full member, until his brothers bought him out. In the meantime he was trying to build up his side business to replace his income as fast as possible. His brothers didn’t want him to go. So he was a little stressed.

When I first did a site visit, papers were strewn all over his desk, complete with little sticky notes. Hundreds of them. Somebody had told him that labeling his stacked paper would be a good way to keep them organized. And it may have been, but not for him. There are tons of ways of getting organized. You need to find the one that works for you. How can you decide when you’re drowning in papers?

Try a couple of things first

Give this a try. Take a minute, and really think about how you learn things. Are you a visual learner? Do you learn better by listening? Or are you a hands-on learner? Do you read, listen, or do? Books, podcasts, or white boards?

Does your work environment match how you learn? No? How about for your staff? You can tell how a person learns by the words that they use. A visual person will say “I just don’t see it.” An auditory learner will say “I’m not quite hearing you”; and a kinesthetic learner will say “I’m not quite grasping that idea”. Think about this. Do you want a kinesthetic, hands-on learner as your first line customer service rep on the phones? That way lies deep frustration - for everyone.

​Trying to fit round pegs into square holes is just bad business. 

Now take a couple hours this afternoon and think about you were core values. What do I mean by core values? I mean the things that, when you strip away the the external circumstances of your life, remain. Things like family loyalty, faith, love of community, honesty, inclusion, achievement, creativity…

Satisfaction in life comes from an alignment of what you do and why you do it. Nobody ever said, "Gee, I love entrepreneurial stress." What we love is the results. But in the day to day reality, there are some tasks that don't fit what we're best at. We move ahead anyway. The problem comes with trying to force antithetical values onto your day. My job is to help you re-align your work and your reasons. You just need to know what your core values are. 

Here’s the big question – are you expressing your core values through your work?

If you’ve read this far, the answer is probably  'not yet'.

According to the marketing director, I’m supposed to make this all 'sound sexy’. But it’s not.

I’ll be straight with you. I’ve had a near-death experience; I'm a first responder with Search and Rescue. Business, and our economic reality, is just the game we're choosing to play today. Life is too short to not have fun playing this game!

Sometimes, I come across as too technical. Sometimes, I get upset when your work processes slow down your entire work force. I take it personally; that's why I am so good at my job. Every system can be improved upon.

If you predicate your entire small business on your core values, and support your employees' core values, you will save more time, and make more money faster and easier.

Here's your chance to renovate your business systems according your core values in only six weeks.It’s fast, it’s furious. It’s fun, and it's challenging. It is setting up the dominoes so that when you start tipping over that first one, you wind up with enormous impact on every aspect of your working life. Soon enough, you will have more time for more fun.

Remember Steve? It took me a long time to find out what it was he truly valued. It turns out that he had a high appreciation for the flow state that he got while flyfishing. “What if we could arrange your schedule so that you had a 10 day fishing trip every year, and regular four-day weekends?” He thought it would take a miracle. It took a year of steadily working the systems that we had put in place.

six weeks - six modules

  • Strategy
    Living your core values, and carrying it through your work, is essential to a happy, fulfilled life. That's a vanilla way to say "use it or lose it". Are you happy, contributing, doing what you love? If not, you'd better start - because that's where success is. 
  • Marketing  
    "No product survives first contact with the customer." And without customers, you don't have a business at all. In fact, the closer you can get to the 'of course', the better the business. What do I mean by the 'of course'? It's what happens when we hear the ice cream truck.
  • Culture and Tactics
    People can tell. When they go in your shop, when they talk to your staff, when they come in for an interview. That ephemeral "corporate culture" pervades everything, from the quality of your service to the attrition rate. The ease that the team works together is just as important as optimizing the manufacturing process. 
  • Metrics
    Peter Drucker famously said, "what gets measured gets managed". But how do you know what to measure?
  • Tools
    You need to understand basic business tools. There are a lot of options available, and you will lose a lot of money and time if you aren't making informed decisions.
  • Legalities
    Many early businesses are brought down because of simple oversights. Due diligence, copyrights, taxes, it's all in the small print.

In the end, you'll have a viable, evolving framework to grow the business with. You won’t have to worry about putting out the same fires, because you'll already have a methodology of dealing with it. Need to know how to make capital investment decisions? Look under the Strategy chapter. Need to send quarterly reports to your tax accountant? That’s under Tools. Is it time to hire of new front desk person? Hiring protocols go under Culture and Tactics. For six weeks, we will be writing down every process you have, and running it through the filter of your core values. Sure, you can do that without my help. Just like you can go to the the gym without hiring a trainer. 

Our world is changing fast because of automation and outsourcing. In order to keep up, you need to run a different kind of business. The external circumstances do not matter nearly as much as the internal impetus of what drives us individually.

My marketing director is jumping up and down, saying it’s too technical, there are too many multisyllabic words, it’s too long, people only read at an eighth grade level…. I say that you’re smarter than that. I say what you need is just a better way to do the business you already know how to do. My job isn’t to tell you how to do your business. 

My job is to show you how to have more fun, make more money, and get more time for what really matters.

What do we all need most? 


What does the program look like? There is a weekly webinar, there are books to read, there are biweekly phone calls. There is the potential for a site visit.

The rondo starts every Sunday night.

  1. Weekly webinar
  2. Readings
  3. Biweekly phone calls

The Future can be built

People Just Like You ...

John Doe UI/UX Designer
“Susan was very helpful in helping my company transition through a trying time as we grew from 2 guys painting to a "real company". She met with me, my accountant and all of my employees to gather data on how the business was working (or not working) for them and gave us valuable insight into how it could be improved. Her understanding of systems design and Key Performance Indicators really helped us understand our business better and prepared us for rapid growth and success. 

Our business now has the foundation to quadruple our work load

"Susan has a deep understanding of many different company processes and used that knowledge to unearth bottlenecks and pain points. Our business now has the foundation to quadruple our work load and fill the pipeline in a more efficient manner. I would highly recommend Susan to any company who is in the growth stages or who is looking for an edge."

Deb W. 
- CEO, Bioengineer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
“Susan knows which questions to ask and she knows how to set up easy systems to overcome large problems. By the end of our time working together, Susan left me with so many new tools and a long check-list of changes that have positively impacted my business.”

Yes! I'm ready to get started!

What's your time worth? You spend most of your time working - It's time to get your own back! Introductory offer! Only $600 for the 6 week program. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Want More Proof? Try it!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“You may have already won!”

 "Would you like to be the next featured client? The summer roster is filling up fast. If you want to enjoy this summer, call soon, and get your time back!"

John Q Public

“You may still have doubts.”

“How can this happen in only six weeks?  Simple - it's involved, and it's interactive. This isn't a consultant coming in and telling you what to do. This is your favorite cool auntie showing you a better way.”

Suzie Q
- Owner
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Susan Alderson
Creator of The Six Week Business Renovation Program

About the Author

When selling online, it's easy to forget that people prefer buying things from other people. I'm a real live person. 

Know what I do with my time? I volunteer with Search and Rescue. there's an actual, trustworthy person behind this product ; you aren't buying from a faceless corporation. You're supporting volunteerism.

Any Last-Minute Objections ?

 You might think you don't have time for this. It's a kind of a chicken and eggs thing, that's true. But it's only six weeks. If you work just a little bit harder for six weeks, the next year is going to be so much easier. What's your time worth, really?

 You might think your staff would never go for it. Well, who's in charge here anyway? It's your company. If your values aren't being rolled into every aspect, you definitely need my help to build systems that are customized to your values.

 Be a creator, not a reactor

People are risk averse. We dread making a mistake and wasting our time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish.  The only time the systems haven't worked is when clients refused to take my advice.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

One of the things you'll learn is how to make decisions. Looking at Pros and Cons is a TERRIBLE way to decide. Here's a preview of the WRAP system, by Dan and Chip Heath*. 

Widen Your Options

  • avoid a narrow frame of reference: maybe this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss
  • Multitrack: what other options do you have?
  • Stand on the shoulders of Giants: other successful people hire consultants

Attain Distance

  • Overcome short term emotion: will it matter in 10 days, 10 months? 
  • Honor your core priorities: how dissatisfied are you with your current situation?

Reality Test Your Assumptions

  • Consider the opposite: what happens if you do nothing?
  • Zoom: read the reviews
  • Ooch: contact me for a free brainstorming session!

Prepare to be Wrong

  • Bookend the future:  what will happen a year from now if you sign on?
  • Tripwire: how will you quantify success?
  • Trust the process: we're all in this together

What will YOU do with your time?

  • Volunteer !
  • read bedtime stories every night
  • take your spouse on a real date
  • act in plays
  • take that trip
  • ??????

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get at least 5 extra hours each week by the end of the program, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take? I'm busy!

 What if my staff resists?

 What do you mean by "futurist"?

 What have you tried so far?

 And then what happens?

P.S.  Did you really read the entire thing? I'm impressed! Here is the secret: I want everybody to have more time, so that I have more people to play with. The future is ours, if we want it.

 ​ ​ ​ ​ Yes, I want to start getting more time now!