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Susan Alderson

About the Author

How fast can business change? Six weeks. That's how long it takes to design and implement a better business.  I'm a process engineer; together, you and I will devise optimized workflows based on your values.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Susan was very helpful in helping my company transition through a trying time as we grew from 2 guys painting to a "real company". She met with me, my accountant and all of my employees to gather data on how the business was working (or not working) for them and gave us valuable insight into how it could be improved. Her understanding of systems design and Key Performance Indicators really helped us understand our business better and prepared us for rapid growth and success. Thanks so much, Susan!

Clay Bustin, Brotherhood Painting
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Susan has a deep understanding of many different company processes and used that knowledge to unearth bottlenecks and pain points. Our business now has the foundation to quadruple our work load and fill the pipeline in a more efficient manner. I would highly recommend Susan to any company who is in the growth stages or who is looking for an edge.

Deb Walliser, GotProduce
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Susan knows which questions to ask and she knows how to set up easy systems to overcome large problems. By the end of our time working together, Susan left me with so many new tools and a long check-list of changes that have positively impacted my business.

Sara Kirstner, Doie Lounge